Location: Guam, Western Pacific     Date: Jan-Feb     Flying hours: 145     Sondes: Nil


CAST - Co-ordinated Airborne Studies in the Tropics

The main focus of the programme is to study the chemical and physical properties of the tropical tropopause layer (TTL) and their impacts in controlling the composition of the UTLS (upper troposhpere, lower stratosphere). Specifically the research mission will focus on the Western Pacific Warm Pool region. In addition convective transport of very short and long-lived chemical species will be measured together with tropospheric moist convective dynamic processes in this important but data sparse region.

The research will be delivered in partnership with NASA through collaboration with the NASA Earth Venture ATTREX1 (Airborne Tropical Tropopause Experiment) mission deploying the NASA Global Hawk unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). This project will be in support of the NERC programme “Observations and modelling of the tropical tropopause layer”.  We will also be working in collaboration with NCAR's CONTRAST (CONvective TRansport of Active Species in the Tropics) campaign using their GV aircraft.


  1. Plan and implement a coordinated measurement campaign involving the NASA Global Hawk, NCAR GV, the FAAM BAe146 and balloon-borne sondes in the Tropical Warm Pool region of the West Pacific
  2. Measure VSL (very short lived) halocarbons in situ on the 146 along with 2 years of continuous VSL halocarbon measurements at Chuuk and an extension of the ground-based tropical VSL halocarbon measurement network



  • Detachment Manager - Mo Smith, FAAM
  • Logistics - Doug Anderson, FAAM
  • Project Pilot - DFL, Project Ops - Peter Chappell, DFL
  • PI  - Neil Harris, University of Cambridge

CAST Pre-detachment Briefing


CAST Planning Documents



CAST Transits


CAST Health & Safety




CAST Configuration Information

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  • Aircraft Configuration

Provides an overview of the instrument configuration and aircraft mass.







  • Aircraft Configuration Drawings and Instrument Configuration  Listing

The drawings show the proposed aircraft configuration for CAST. The Configuration Information gives more details of the instruments fitted.





updated 24/04/2013 by SCD




(FAAM unless otherwise stated)



Basic Aircraft, Meteorological Instruments and General Equipment
(always fitted unless otherwise stated)
Temperature: non-deiced/deiced, Heimann IR   y  
Water: General Eastern, Buck CR2 Cryogenic Hygrometer, TWC Lyman-Alpha Hygrometer, Johnson Williams Liquid Water, Nevzorov Total/Liquid Water   y  
Broad-Band Radiometers: Clear and Red   y  
Position/Dynamics: GPS, GIN, Radar altimeter   y  
video: Forward, Rearward, Upward, Downward   y  
Communications: SATCOM-C, SATCOM-Swift 64   y  
Weather radar   y  
Turbulence probe   y  
SAW Cambridge n  
WVSS-II Met Office y  
AVAPS/Aerosol LIDAR Rack      
AVAPS Dropsondes   n  
LIDAR Met Office n ! 24/04/13
Photometers: JNO2, JO'D Leicester n  
ARIES Met Office n ! 24/04/13
DEIMOS Met Office n  
MARSS Met Office n  
IIR Met Office n  
SWS Met Office n  
SHIM Met Office n  
ISMAR Met Office n  
TAFTS Imperial College n  
Core Chemistry/Nitrate Racks
Ozone   y  
FGGA   y  
CO   y  
Fast NOx   y  
PAN Leeds y 09/07/13 confirmation from Lucy and James
Core Chemistry Rack, Civil Contingency      
2B Ozone
SO2   n  
BBCEAS Cambridge y  
FAGE Leeds n !  24/04/13
VACC Leeds n  
Peroxide/Formaldehyde UEA n  
CIMS Manchester y  
QC-LAS Manchester y  
LIF L'Aquila n  
WAS FGAM y ! upgrade rack Oct 2013, carry more gas bottles
LTI/Grimm OPC FAAM/Leeds n  
TDLAS Cambridge n  
York GCMS York y  
Cloud Physics and Aerosol      
Cloud Physics Rack      
2D Cloud   n  
PCASP   y !  24/04/13
CDP/BCP   y !  24/04/13
CIP100   n  
Hertfordshire n  
SID3 Hertfordshire n  
Fast FSSP Met Office n  
FSSP/SPP-100 Manchester n  
AIMMS-20   y  
Manchester Cloud/Aerosol Rack      
CAPS Manchester n  
2DS Manchester n  
SPEC-CPI Manchester n  
SP2 Manchester y  
UHSAS Manchester n  
FWVS Met Office n  
Nephelometer/PSAP/Filters Rack      
Wet Nephelometer Met Office n  
Nephelometer, PSAP, Filters   n  
IAGOS-BCP Manchester n  
INC Met Office n  
CVI Met Office n  
TOF-AMS Manchester n  
ALABAMA Max Plank Institute n  



Drag Index Values

updated 24/04/2013 by SCD

Instrument Drag Index Value Fitted? Drag index for Fit
FFSSP 3 n  
HVPS 20 n  
2D-P 11 n  
PCASP 1 y 1
SID-1 15 n  
SID-2 18 n  
SID-3 18 n  
2D-C 5 n  
2D-C + modified tips 7 n  
Spec-CPI 14 n  
CIP-25 30 n  
CIP-25 + modified tips 38 n  
CIP-100 30 n  
CIP-100 + modified tips 38 n  
2D-S 31 n  
CAPS 57 n  
CAPS + modified tips 70 n  
CDP/BCP 9 y 9
AIMMS-20 8 y 8
ADA-100 3 n  
PERCA Inlet 7 n  
MARSS scanner 29 n  
(HOx) FAGE Inlet 89 n  
SWS 36 n  
CAMP SAW Hygrometer 5 n  
CVI Probe 20 n  
CIMS Inlet (ROx) 39 n  
BBCEAS Inlet 5 y 5
LIF Inlet 2 n  
CIMS window-blank Inlet 11 y 11
WVSS-II (Rosemount Inlet) 5 y 5
ISMAR 3 n  
FAGE (HOx & CIMS Inlet [ROx}) 140 n  
GC-MS Inlet 9 y 9
CORE CHEM 19 y 19
 QCL Inlet (window)  6  y  6
TOTAL Drag Index     73