Location:  Prestwick, Scotland (with possible short trips to Keflavik, Iceland or/and Kiruna, Sweden)    
Date: March 2014    
Flying hours 138    
Sondes: 120

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COSMICS - Cold-air Outbreak and sub-Millimetre Ice Cloud Study

Science Objectives


  1. To evaluate the performance of the ISMAR instrument.
  2. To measure the submillimetre spectral signature of cirrus and clear skies. Other aircraft instruments are required to provide “truth” and provide closure measurements.
  3. To obtain microwave, submillimetre, infrared and visible aircraft data simultaneously with satellite overpasses (e.g. A-train, METOP).
  4. To overfly ground based sites in cirrus conditions and obtain submillimetre and in-situ cirrus measurements.
Cold Air Outbreak
  • To investigate processes controlling the transition between stratiform and cellular cloud structure in cold-air outbreak flows, including:
  • Surface fluxes of heat and moisture
  • Boundary-layer structure and flux profiles
  • Microphysical and precipitation processes, in particular ice formation and growth


  • Detachment Manager - Doug Anderson, FAAM
  • Logistics - Steve Cowan FAAM
  • Project Pilot- Paul McCormick, Project Ops - David Simpson, DFL
  • PI - Chawn Harlow, Clare Lee Met Office; Juliet Pickering, Imperial College



MIZ-ISMARS Planning Documents




MIZ-ISMARS Instrument Configuration Information

The following links provide a listing and diagrams of the proposed instrument fit.

 Pre Detachmnet Brief Documents


Instrument Fit - to be modified for MIZ-ISMARS - work in progress

The list shows the instrument fit for ????????? , with the test flying instruments shown as well - see the "Comments" column.

Last updated:





(FAAM unless otherwise stated)



Basic Aircraft, Meteorological Instruments and General Equipment
(always fitted unless otherwise stated)
Temperature: non-deiced/deiced, Heimann IR   y  
Water: General Eastern, Buck CR2 Cryogenic Hygrometer, TWC Lyman-Alpha Hygrometer, Johnson Williams Liquid Water, Nevzorov Total/Liquid Water   y  
Broad-Band Radiometers: Clear and Red   y  
Position/Dynamics: GPS, GIN, Radar altimeter   y  
video: Forward, Rearward, Upward, Downward   y  
Communications: SATCOM-C, SATCOM-Swift 64   y  
Weather radar   y  
Turbulence probe   y  
SAW Cambridge n  
WVSS-II Met Office y  
AVAPS/Aerosol LIDAR Rack      
AVAPS Dropsondes   y 15 maximum for campaign (ref FAAM application form), actual number required?
LIDAR Met Office y  
Photometers: JNO2, JO'D Leicester n  
ARIES Met Office y  
DEIMOS Met Office y  
MARSS Met Office y  
IIR Met Office n  
SWS Met Office y  
SHIM Met Office y  
ISMAR Met Office y  
TAFTS Imperial College n  
Core Chemistry/Nitrate Racks
Ozone   y  
FGGA   n  
CO   y  
Fast NOx   n  
PAN Leeds n  
Core Chemistry Rack, Civil Contingency      
Ozone (2B Technologies)
  n test flight only (No longer required)
SO2   n test flight only (No longer required)
BBCEAS Cambridge n  
FAGE Leeds n  
VACC Leeds n  
Peroxide/Formaldehyde UEA n  
CIMS/QC-LAS Manchester n  
LIF L'Aquila n  
LTI/Grimm OPC FAAM/Leeds n  
TDLAS Cambridge n  
York GCMS York n  
Cloud Physics and Aerosol      
Cloud Physics Rack      
2D Cloud   y  
PCASP   y  
CDPBCP   y  
CIP100   y  
Hertfordshire y  
SID3 Hertfordshire y  
Fast FSSP Met Office n  
FSSP/SPP-100 Manchester n  
AIMMS Probe   y
Manchester Cloud/Aerosol Rack      
CAPS Manchester y
2DS Manchester n  
SPEC-CPI Manchester n  
SPEC-3V-CPI Manchester y  
SP2 Manchester n  
UHSAS Manchester y  
FWVS Met Office n
Nephelometer/PSAP/Filters Rack    
Wet Nephelometer Met Office n  
Nephelometer, PSAP, Filters   y
IAGOS-BCP Manchester n  
INC Met Office n  
CVI Met Office y  
TOF-AMS Manchester n
ALABAMA Max Plank Institute n  


Drag Index Values for PIK & MIX



Instrument Drag Index Value Fitted? Drag index for Fit
FFSSP 3 n  
HVPS 20 n  
2D-P 11 n  
PCASP 1 y 1
SID-1 15 n  
SID-2 18 y 18
SID-3 18 y 18
2D-C 5 n  
2D-C + modified tips 7 y 7
Spec-CPI 14 n  
Spec-3V-CPI ?? y ??
CIP-25 30 n  
CIP-25 + modified tips 38 y 38
CIP-100 30 n  
CIP-100 + modified tips 38 y 38
2D-S 31 n  
CAPS 57 y 57
CAPS + modified tips 70 n  
CDPBCP 9 y 9
AIMMS-20 8 y 8
ADA-100 3 n  
PERCA Inlet 7 n  
MARSS scanner 29 y 29
(HOx) FAGE Inlet 89 n  
SWS 36 y 36
CAMP SAW Hygrometer 5 n  
CVI Probe 20 y 20
CIMS Inlet (ROx) 39 n  
BBCEAS Inlet 5 n  
LIF Inlet 2 n  
CIMS window-blank Inlet 11 n  
WVSS-II (Rosemount Inlet) 5 y 5
ISMAR 3 y 3
FAGE (HOx & CIMS Inlet [ROx}) 140 n  
GC-MS Inlet 3 n  
Core Chem Inlet 18 y 18
QCL Inlet 6 n  
TOTAL Drag Index     305


Maximum Drag Index Value = 233, unless both the HOx FAGE Inlet and the CIMS (ROx) inlet are removed, in which case the Maximum Drag Index Value =245.