Location: Prestwick, UK     Date: November-December 2014     Flying hours: 70     Sondes: 68 


STICCS - Submillimetre Trial In Cirrus and Clear Skies
CIRCCREX - CIRrus Cloud-Coupled Radiation EXperiment
PIKNMIX-D - Prestwick-based MIX of cloud physics sorties


Science Objectives

• To evaluate the performance of the ISMAR instrument.
• To measure the submillimetre spectral signature of cirrus and clear skies. Other aircraft instruments are required to provide “truth” and provide closure measurements.
• To obtain microwave, submillimetre, infrared and visible aircraft data simultaneously with satellite overpasses (e.g. A-train, METOP).
• To overfly ground based sites (Chilbolton radar) in cirrus conditions and obtain submillimetre and in-situ cirrus measurements.


• To obtain microphysical and dynamical measurements in a variety of cloud regimes including cold air outbreaks, cirrus and mid-level mixed phase clouds.
• Flights in combination with the operational weather radar at Stornaway & Aberdeen
• Potential intercomparison flight with MOCCA.
• Cold air outbreak up towards Iceland (potential overnight if hangar available)
• Spiral descent in Cirrus


  • Detachment Manager -  FAAM
  • Logistics - FAAM
  • Project Pilot -  DFL
  • PI- STICCS & PIKNMIX -  Met Office
  • PI- CIRCCREX - Imperial College



STICCS, CIRCCREX and PIKNMIX-C Pre-Detachment Briefing Presentations

  1. icon STICCS-CIRCCREX-PIK & MIX Pre-det Brief - Logistics v1 (3.78 MB) / icon STICCS 2013 - Pre-detachment Briefing - Logistics v1 (2.12 MB)
  2. icon STICCS_predetachment_brief (263 kB) / icon STICCS_predetachment_brief (72.13 kB)
  3. icon cold_air_outbreak_piknmixc (1.14 MB) / icon cold_air_outbreak_piknmixc (773.58 kB)
  4. icon PIknmix_Ac_Sortie_Introduction (2.14 MB) / icon PIknmix_Ac_Sortie_Introduction (412.78 kB)


STICCS and PIKNMIX-C Planning Documents




STICCS and PIKNMIX-C Instrument Configuration Information

The following links provide a listing and diagrams of the proposed instrument fit.



Instrument Fit - to be modified for STICCS

The list shows the instrument fit for PIK & MIX , with the test flying instruments shown as well - see the "Comments" column.

Last updated: 09/04/13 SC





(FAAM unless otherwise stated)



Basic Aircraft, Meteorological Instruments and General Equipment
(always fitted unless otherwise stated)
Temperature: non-deiced/deiced, Heimann IR   y  
Water: General Eastern, Buck CR2 Cryogenic Hygrometer, TWC Lyman-Alpha Hygrometer, Johnson Williams Liquid Water, Nevzorov Total/Liquid Water   y  
Broad-Band Radiometers: Clear and Red   y  
Position/Dynamics: GPS, GIN, Radar altimeter   y  
video: Forward, Rearward, Upward, Downward   y  
Communications: SATCOM-C, SATCOM-Swift 64   y  
Weather radar   y  
Turbulence probe   y  
SAW Cambridge n  
WVSS-II Met Office y  
AVAPS/Aerosol LIDAR Rack      
AVAPS Dropsondes   y 15 maximum for campaign (ref FAAM application form), actual number required?
LIDAR Met Office y  
Photometers: JNO2, JO'D Leicester n  
ARIES Met Office y  
DEIMOS Met Office y  
MARSS Met Office y  
IIR Met Office n  
SWS Met Office y  
SHIM Met Office y  
ISMAR Met Office y  
TAFTS Imperial College n  
Core Chemistry/Nitrate Racks
Ozone   y  
FGGA   n  
CO   y  
Fast NOx   n  
PAN Leeds n  
Core Chemistry Rack, Civil Contingency      
Ozone (2B Technologies)
  n test flight only (No longer required)
SO2   n test flight only (No longer required)
BBCEAS Cambridge n  
FAGE Leeds n  
VACC Leeds n  
Peroxide/Formaldehyde UEA n  
CIMS/QC-LAS Manchester n  
LIF L'Aquila n  
LTI/Grimm OPC FAAM/Leeds n  
TDLAS Cambridge n  
York GCMS York n  
Cloud Physics and Aerosol      
Cloud Physics Rack      
2D Cloud   y  
PCASP   y  
CDPBCP   y  
CIP100   y  
Hertfordshire y  
SID3 Hertfordshire y  
Fast FSSP Met Office n  
FSSP/SPP-100 Manchester n  
AIMMS Probe   y  
Manchester Cloud/Aerosol Rack      
CAPS Manchester y  
2DS Manchester n  
SPEC-CPI Manchester n  
SPEC-3V-CPI Manchester y  
SP2 Manchester n  
UHSAS Manchester y  
FWVS Met Office n  
Nephelometer/PSAP/Filters Rack      
Wet Nephelometer Met Office n  
Nephelometer, PSAP, Filters   y  
IAGOS-BCP Manchester n  
INC Met Office n  
CVI Met Office n  
TOF-AMS Manchester n  
ALABAMA Max Plank Institute n  


Drag Index Values for PIK & MIX



Instrument Drag Index Value Fitted? Drag index for Fit
FFSSP 3 n  
HVPS 20 n  
2D-P 11 n  
PCASP 1 y 1
SID-1 15 n  
SID-2 18 y 18
SID-3 18 y 18
2D-C 5 n  
2D-C + modified tips 7 n  
Spec-CPI 14 n  
Spec-3V-CPI ?? y ??
CIP-25 30 n  
CIP-25 + modified tips 38 y 38
CIP-100 30 n  
CIP-100 + modified tips 38 y 38
2D-S 31 n  
CAPS 57 n  
CAPS + modified tips 65 y  65
CDPBCP 9 y 9
AIMMS-20 8 y 8
ADA-100 3 n  
PERCA Inlet 7 n  
MARSS scanner 29 y 29
(HOx) FAGE Inlet 89 n  
SWS 36 y 36
CAMP SAW Hygrometer 5 n  
CVI Probe 20 n  
CIMS Inlet (ROx) 39 n  
BBCEAS Inlet 5 n  
LIF Inlet 2 n  
CIMS window-blank Inlet 11 n  
WVSS-II (Rosemount Inlet) 5 y 5
ISMAR 3 y 3
FAGE (HOx & CIMS Inlet [ROx}) 140 n  
GC-MS Inlet 3 n  
Core Chem Inlet 18 y 18
QCL Inlet 6 n  
TOTAL Drag Index     285




Maximum Drag Index Value = 245, unless both the HOx FAGE Inlet and the CIMS (ROx) inlet are removed, in which case the Maximum Drag Index Value =257.