Kiruna, Sweden and Svalbard, Spitsbergen - 100 flying hours, 50 dropsondes




MAMM Operating Areas: North Sea gas fields, Sodankyla, Abisko, Pallas

Cranfield, UK - 45 flying hours

Home-based flying including:-

  • Instrument Test and Calibration
  • Instrument Operator Training
  • New flier, familiarisation flights

Porto Velho, Brazil - 130 flying hours
Aim: To investigate the properties of biomass burning aerosols over South America. The main biomass burning season occurs during Sept/Oct when deforestation fires and agricultural burning are prolific, particularly over central and south eastern parts of Brazil. These contribute to high loadings of biomass burning aerosol over much of South America with aerosol optical depths frequently exceeding 1 in many central parts of the continent.

June 2012 -  Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, 46 flying hours  (+ 15 SAVEX, Met Office)

FENNEC aims to characterise thermodynamic, dynamic and compositional structure of the troposphere over the Sahara desert. Fennec is a small nocturnal fox found on the northern rim of the Sahara Desert


fennec fox

Cranfield, UK - 110 flying hours

Home-based flying campaigns including:-

  • DIAMET - Diabatic influences on mesoscale structures in extratropical storms, 76 flying hours (11_12)
  • HIEWEX - High Impact, Extreme Weather Events
  • ClearFLo - Clean air For London
  • MAMM - Methane and other greenhouse gases in the Arctic - Measurements, process studies and Modelling
  • COPE - Convective Precipitation Experiment
  • Volcano Science - Measurements and studies of wind-blown ash over Iceland
  • AQUM - Air Quality forecasting and modelling in the Unified Model
  • Volcano Emergency - only required in the event of a volcanic eruption in Iceland between 16 Jul - 16 Aug
  • Instrument tests