Potential flying from the following campaigns

  • DIAMET - Diabatic influences on mesoscale structures in extratropical storms, 76 flying hours (11_12)
  • OMEGA (BAFFLES) - A study of practical abatement techniques for exhaust jets from commercial aircraft
  • PIK & MIX - Met Office sorties
  • Volcano urgency - Measurements of wind-blown ash over Iceland

Sept-Oct 2012 - Porto Velho, Brazil, 120 flying hours
Aim: To investigate the properties of biomass burning aerosols over South America. The main biomass burning season occurs during Sept/Oct when deforestation fires and agricultural burning are prolific, particularly over central and south eastern parts of Brazil. These contribute to high loadings of biomass burning aerosol over much of South America with aerosol optical depths frequently exceeding 1 in many central parts of the continent.

Aug-Sep 2011 - 10 & 15 flying hours

SONATA: Summer School to provide for students on a PhD level and postdoctoral early carrier scientists, a
comprehensive overview about measurement techniques, data analysis and specifics of the airborne measurements of species relevant in the atmospheric chemistry.

AEGEAN-GAME: Investigation of the physical and chemical processing of polluted air masses transported over the Aegean troposphere during the Etesian winds (the most important synoptic meteorological condition that occurs over the Aegean Sea during summer), and to evaluate the representation of these processes in models of atmospheric composition and transport.

ACEMED: Evaluation of CALIPSO’s aerosol classification scheme over Eastern Mediterranean  ACEMED - EUFAR page

CIMS: Chemical Ionisation Mass Spectrometer for nitric acid and ammonia (Manchester University)

CarbonExp: Evaluation of GOSAT (ESA)

Jan-Feb 2012,  Prestwick, UK, 120 flying hours, 15 dropsondes