Location: Cranfield, UK     Date: April, July & September 2014     Flying hours: 60     Sondes: 20


GAUGE - Greenhouse gAs Uk and Global Emissions 

The FAAM research aircraft will provide a broad-scale 3-D perspective on the UK inflow and outflow GHG budgets, complementing information from the existing tall tower (DECC) network, high frequency measurements aboard a North Sea ferry, and also linking with existing (GOSAT) and planned (OCO-2) satellite measurements.

Location: Prestwick, UK     Date: November 2013     Flying hours: 50     Sondes: 68


PIKNMIX-C -  Mixture of Met Office projects
CIRCCREX -  CIRrus Coupled Cloud-Radiation EXperiment

PIKNMIX is a range of Met Office cloud pyhsics and radiation campaigns including cold air outbreak studies.  CIRCCREX aims to understand the link between evolving ice cloud microphysical properties and the resulting radiative signatures of the cirrus, at the macrophysical scale, as seen from a remote sensing platform. 



Cranfield, UK - 110 flying hours


Home-based flying campaigns including:-

  • COPE - Convective Precipitation Experiment
  • HIEWEX - High Impact, Extreme Weather Events
  • MAMM - Methane and other greenhouse gases in the Arctic - Measurements, process studies and Modelling
  • Volcano Science - Measurements and studies of wind-blown ash over Iceland


Configuration information is supplied for COPE.

HIEWEX and Volcano (wind-blown ash), if flown, will operate with the instrument configuration as fitted to the aircraft at the time. There may be small changes depending on the nature of the extreme weather event.

The MAMM (August 2013) configuration is shown on the MAMM page.

A small configuration change will be needed pre- and post MAMM August 2013. N.B. A further MAMM campaign will take place after COPE, in September 2013.


May 2013, 80 flying hours 
Background and Science Objectives: 


SALSTICE is a follow on campaign to the JAIVEx campaign in 2007 (based out in Houston, Texas) with the newly launched MetOp-A satellite. In its original acronym of “IASI-2” SALSTICE was planned as a follow-on campaign after the launch of MetOp-B in September 2012
• The Met Office wish to make this more than just a satellite cal/val campaign and now plan a large element focusing on land surface temperature (LST)
• Campaign location is Tucson, Arizona in the semi-arid southwestern USA where model LST performs poorly.


Location: Kiruna, Sweden     Date: March-April 2013     Flying hours: 93     Sondes:


ACCACIA - Aerosol-Cloud Coupling and Climate Interactions in the Arctic

Aim: To reduce the current large uncertainty in the representation of Arctic climate.  The largest single source of this uncertainty arises from the poor understanding and representation of cloud and aerosol processes in climate models in general and in the Arctic in particular.  We will focus on cloud microphysical and boundary layer processes directly affecting the surface energy budget and the sources of aerosol that control cloud microphysical properties.  This work will provide a sound foundation for making improved predictions of future Arctic climate.